Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Trying harder & Maths' Teacher

              Today I have free afternoon again and I'm at home. I just had lunch and it's now 2:30pm.

              My Science's teacher is back and we had class today but our maths' teacher didn't came to school. She has cancer , I don't know where or the type, but she has been on treatments and I think she's not coming back this year. I'm sad but anxious because this year I have maths exam and I really like her, she's really good at teaching and friendly like her husband who is my religion teacher.

              I didn't eat at mid-morning as usual and I drank water before lunch and I think that I could say that I'm trying harder until my mom gave me chocolate almonds and I ate 1/3 of them because I know that I don't want to ruin my diet and all of my efforts. 

                                          1 big slice of Easter bread w/ light butter = 50 + 44 cal
                                          Cup of milk w/ barley = 115 + 25 cal

                                          2 Chicken thighs with curry = 100 cal
                                          Rice ( 3 spoons) = 108 cal
                                          Pear = 29 cal

                                          Chocolate almonds = 188 cal

                                                                                    Total = 666 cal


                                          3 slices of Easter bread with light cheese = 75 +  68 cal
                                          Cup of milk with just a bit of chocolate = 115 + 20 cal

                                          Soup = 100 cal
                                          2 Chicken thighs with curry = 100 cal
                                          Pasta = 214 cal
                                          Banana = 89 cal

                                          Workout = - 40 - 46 cal
                                                                                    Total = 1 361 cal

              Gotta try harder ...

              Yeah , today I made it , I could go in here and finish this post haha
              Not much to say. I'm gonna do my workout , wash my face, my teeth, put my pajama on, read a bit , see my soap opera and then go to sleep. The usual.

              See u tomorrow. Byyyyye !