Thursday, 11 February 2016

What To Wear for Valentine's Day

This is one of the cutest cards you can find at www.jenngietzen.com

I promised you I would be more active and I am taking advantage of carnival mini-break not only to study but also to dedicate myself to the blog, so I bring you a post aside the normal days with some suggestions of outfits for this special Sunday: Valentine's day.
If you are single, do not worry! I'm also single this year and this will not stop me from buying an outfit alludes to this day and going out, whether with friends or in the latter case alone. Who knows if it is not on Sunday that cupid hits me with one of his arrows.

The looks I bring you today are constituted by pieces of physical stores that are easily found in Portugal because I haven't bought my look yet and so I'm not just trying to help you but myself, and the looks are varied: one more relaxed, other more elegant but without ceasing to be comfortable, one for a night out that requires more formality and even some sweaters alluding to the day for those who will celebrate this day at home or even for those who go out with friends.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Empties

I think I finally did it, I'm getting into this crazy routine. I already organized more or less everything else and for now, the posts will be biweekly because II usually publish posts that take longer to be written.
But for today I bring you a simple post, the second of this type in the blog (see the first here) The truth is that I have acquired this habit of keeping the packaging of products spent and which already have an opinion formed and later it to show you.