Monday, 20 April 2015

Mom Is Stressed, Gabs' [Boy]Friend & Catfish in Real Life


                               Hello everybody !

               Today I wake up kind of happy I don't know why. Moreover, I was unhappy and stressed yesterday.
               Yesterday was me, today it's my mom. Since she woke up, she's stressed out and irritable and I know why. She's getting in menopause and it's normal so I just try to don't take her that serious because I know she's outta control.

               Gabs has a friend named Garr (to you all) and he loves her. The best is that she loves him too. Okay , so everything is good until now. But she's very shy, like me, and even thought he knows how she feels about him, she don't want to be with him at school so she just talk with him via twitter.
               (Oh, and he's hot like her. Their kids would be so super hot.)

               Seeing her happy about him remember me how alone forever I am and also remember me of Igor.
               I meet him online two years ago and stop talking to him 1 year ago. We dated for 4 months and he was kind of my first/summer love. But now I'm discovering that maybe the "he" doesn't exist, and that "his sister" is who planned and did all of this... I stopped searching for more. I don't care.

                                             Calories from food = 1 512 cal
                                             Workout = 159 cal

                                             Total = 1 353 cal