Sunday, 12 April 2015

Quiet Sunday

                            Happy Sunday everybody

              Sorry for not ending the post yesterday but the rest of the night was quite stressful.
              My mom was not better, she continued crying all night and said pretty hurtful things, she was very nervous. Maybe if I was writing this yesterday, I would told you what she said but I'm not because she already apologized and we both know that she didn't mean what she said. Moving on ...

              Today was a normal sunday. I had a long shower and relax time in the morning. I started doing this all sundays and I notice that I'm more calmer after. 

              All normal. School work, shopping, movies, ...

              I don't have anything to tell you and I think this post it's going to be small while yesterday's was really big.

              Today it's MTV Movie Awards at 01:00am and I'm gonna watch it even though I have school tomorrow early. 

              Speaking of school tomorrow I'm gonna have to face my dad and just the thought of it ruin my day already. I've gotta to be brave , I think 

                            1 toast of rye and wheat bread = 72 + 50 cal
                            Cup of milk with barley = 115 + 25 cal

                            1 slice of rye and wheat bread = 72 cal
                            Sandwich of pork with lettuce and mustard = 110 + 123 + 7 + 6 cal
                            Apple = 56 cal

                            Cup of milk with chocolate = 115 + 41 cal
                            Carcass with mountain cheese = 110 + 111 cal

                            Soup = 100 cal
                            1 slice of bread = 72 cal
                            Banana = 89 cal

                                                                                    Total = 1 274 cal