Friday, 3 April 2015

Spring Clean, Walking and "Diet"

                                           Hello !

               I know that it's late but I've been quite busy.
               I had to clean up my room during the morning, I did the lunch, I watch a movie and then I went for a walk. Yesterday I felt really good after walking so I decided that I'm starting to do it everyday, whenever I can. Today I burned 134 cal and walked 3.62km

              I don't know but about you but there's some days that I simply just don't want to talk or see anyone. I'm in one of these. I saw very people that I know today and I don't know why but I avoided them all. 

                                          Bread w/ cheese - 246 cal
                                          Cup of milk w/ barley - 147 cal

                                          Meat - 52 cal
                                          Rice - 144 cal (4 spoons)
                                          2 slices of bread - 128 cal
                                          Apple - 56 cal 

                                          Bread w/ montain cheese  - 75 + 111 cal
                                          Milk with coffee and chocolate - 85 + 8 + 35 cal

                                          Walk - -134 cal

                                                                                    Total =  953 cal

              I have to start trying harder. I keep eating more than I should. 
              I promise here and to you all: Starting tomorrow, I'll try harder to control my hunger and I'll do what verah told me. I'll start drinking water before every meal so my hunger will be lower. 

              And now, it's 7pm and I'll do the 7 minutes workout, take a bath and put my pajama on.

              See ya later


                                          Soup - 100 cal
                                          Bread - 100 cal
                                          Banana - 89 cal

                                                                      Total = 1 242 cal