Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dreams, Plans and Indecisions (again)

                             Good morning everybody !

               It seems like I'm in a good mood but I'm not actually. I had a dream, a strange dream. Since a few weeks ago, I've been writing my dreams when I wake up, it's the first thing that I do, and I like the sensation of recording my dreams. This night I dreamed with one of my internet friends. Her name is not Lee, but here it's. I don't want real names. So, she lives in the isle of Madeira and her life is not better than mine. Her dad is way worst than mine. Her mother died and every time I talk about than my heart hurts. I love my mom. 
Going back to my dream, I dreamed that her birthday was today and we bought a chocolate cake and she was coming here. But she didn't come because her parents locked her at home and my mom phoned them. And I can't remember anything more. But it's strange because: a) I don't know when it's her birthday b) She would never came here because the only way is by plane c) My mom doesn't even have her parents number.
               Whatever !

                                                  Toast – 87 calories

                                                  Cup of milk with barley - 147 calories

                                                                                              Total = 234 cl (same as yesterday)


              It's 4:10pm and my mom is in my room talking with me. Not those awkward conversations between mother and daughter. I really like talking with her, she's one of my best friends, actually. I told her about my dream and she asked me if I think that she's the defender of the weak. I laughed, but yes, I do.

                                          Pork steak- 200 cl 

                                          Rice - 72 cl
                                         Lettuce - 3 cl
                                         Mango - 144cl

                                                                                  Total = 653 cl

                                         Milk with chocolate - 90 cl
                                         Cookies - 390 cl 
                                                                                  Total = 1 133 cl


              Gabs (one of my closest friends) ask me to go to March's Fair this friday, which is something like a mini spring festival here where I live, but I don't know. I haven't talked to my mom yet, telling her that I'm going. I don't even know who's going beside her or when
Sometimes I feel like I prefer staying at home, but if I do I know that I'm gonna repent

Besides that, I don't like to make plans at the last minute, it makes me nervous and anxious

              So, I have one more indecision. Should I go or should I stay home ?


             I was thinking and maybe it's a good ideia if I do more than daily blogs... Something like , what I'm wearing today - Look of the day - and month favorites and empties. What do you think ? I would like to do them so  much ! 


             Please , let's pray that I don't need to workout today. I don't want to.

                                    Soup - 100 cl
                                    Boiled Egg - 71cl
                                    Half of a boiled potato - 34 cl
                                    Apple - 56 cl
                                                                        Total= 1 394 cl

             I don't care. I'm not working out. Tomorrow I'll do it for sure.
             Well, I'm ending this now because not doing anything new or interesting.