Thursday, 9 April 2015

Busy, Super confused & Hyper Tired

              Today was a long ass day. I had classes all day. Well, kind of. My classes starts all days at 8:30am but at Monday , Tuesday and Wednessday they end at 1:30pm. Today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) they end at 5:45pm.
              I was no longer accustomed to this kind of busy day. 

              Gabs dye the ends of her hair a light pink and I have to say that I liked ! 
              I used to sincerely hate her but since the beginning of this year I've been really close to her and she to me. We tell each other (almost) everything. We had 2 classes and then we missed our Spanish class because our teacher is pregnant. First I went to the bar with Bea and had lunch (I ate the less I could) and then me and almost all of my friends went to Louis' house 'cause he inveted us. He lives as close as me to school. We just hanged out , had fun and then came back to school to have a class support for Portuguese because this year we have exams. 
              Then we should have had Maths class but we didn't (again) so we went back to Louis' house. When we were there he lied to us telling us that his mother was coming house and we had to leave. Almost all of us went back to school and 10-15 minutes later we had (finally) our last and English class. 

              And now I'm finally home. And I'm very tired. And confused. 

              As you know, my dad does not live here with us anymore but for some strange reason he didn't change his address so we continue to recive his letters. When I came home my mom told me that she had to go get a registered letter of my father. A registered letter is an important letter. And now guess. Yeah , a letter from the bank saying that he didn't pay the security of our house. 

              Of course my moms opens all of my dad's letters. If he doesn't want her to do that he can always change his address. Right ?

              And now I'm super confused because I don't know if he does not pay because he spent have money or because he is totally forgotten and neglected. But he has to have money! He gains a lot, the problem is that he spends much more than he gain and it's not in essential things. I have to tell him to pay 2 books that I ordered to my exams but I don't know what should I do because I'm kind of afraid. Help me !!
              Anyway, tomorrow I'm asking him why he didn't pay that.

                                          Bread with seeds, with light butter = 125 + 55 cal
                                          Cup of milk with barley = 115 + 25 cal

                                          Bread with cheese and ham = 320 cal

                                          Vanilla cookies = 500 cal

                                          Bubblegum = 40 cal

                                          Walk = - 90 cal

                                                                                    Total = 1 090 cal

              Now, I'm super tired, but I have to organize my school stuff.

              See you later or tomorrow


                                        Soup = 100 cal
                                        Whitefish and boiled potato with olive oil and vinegar = 97 + 34 + 117 + 3
                                        1 slice of bread = 66 cal
                                        Apple = 56 cal

                                                                                    Total = 1 563 cal