Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tiring Day, New Teachers & Sin For Lunch


               I'm so so tired. I don't know h ow, because today I had no classes but I'm even more tired than usual. I just want to lay down and stay there for hours but I can't.

              So we visited the others courses classes to "help us to make a responsible decision about the course that we wanna go for". I'm even more confused that I was before. Fortunately , I have a session with the psychologist in a week or so.

              Then we went to that play about sex and it was really really funny. I laughed a lot and had fun. And I burned some calories in the walk between school and theater.

              As I had told you about, me and my friends had lunch out of school and there's salads besides of fast-food and I was planing to eat one but I could. I was the only one doing that ! Instead I ate a  plate of sausages and fried egg. And to make up that , I didn't eat anything more during the day besides a little of Gabs' chocolate crepe and I think that's what's making me tired but I'm not hungry so ... I'll wait for dinner.

              Well, I'm gonna help my mom doing it right now. I'm not working out today, I don't think I can so I'll write about my new teacher later.

                            (And then I felt asleep and forgot to end this haha. Sorry !)