Thursday, 23 April 2015

Stoping daily blogs , Brain Lock & Mom's Panic Attack

               I'm sorry for not coming here for .. one , two days ?

               The normality in my life went away and yesterday my mom had a (kind of big) panic attack. It was really scary, my mum was shaking and couldn't breath... I don't remember, I can't.

               This happens to me often. When something really bad happens, I tend to forget it, my brain just wash that away.

               But beyond that, nothing happened. My life stills the same boring thing.

               Yeah, so I'm thinking about stop blogging daily and just blog different and kinda important days.
               And still with 0 followers :(

                                             Calories from food = 1 624 cal
                                             Workout = 0

                                             Total = 1 624 cal

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mom's Happy ! , Hair and Tests


                                  Hellooo !

               I'm happy today and do you know why ? Because my mom's too.
               She wake up normally, I thought today was going to be a normal (boring) day but no. When I came home back from school she was really happy and gave me a big hug. I asked her why she was so happy and she said that the gardener came here and toke care of all of our garden and that she paid less than usual because they did a agreement where she gave him wood from our trees. My mom gets so stressed when things do move that when they do she gets super happy. And obviously I get too.

               My hair gets oily so easily, I just can't ugh. I wash it day yes, day no because if I washed it all days it would get very dehydrated and spleen. In Portugal we can't find oily hair shampoo at supermarkets and I'm a little afraid of trying one because I don't know where to find them. I'm thinking about dry shampoo. It's hard to find too but ... What do you think ?

               Tomorrow I'm going to school even thought I don't have classes after lunch because me, Bea, Gabs, Lid, Path and Malf planned to study together. Friday we have our first test of our last term, the first Science test of the two we are having this term.

               Oops, it's already 3:30pm and I didn't do anything and I have so much to do. Bye !


         I just didn't feel like workout ... I'm sorry perfect summer body, you'll have to wait a little longer.

                                             Calories from food = 1 906 cal
                                             Workout = 0 cal

                                             Total = 1 906 cal

Monday, 20 April 2015

Mom Is Stressed, Gabs' [Boy]Friend & Catfish in Real Life


                               Hello everybody !

               Today I wake up kind of happy I don't know why. Moreover, I was unhappy and stressed yesterday.
               Yesterday was me, today it's my mom. Since she woke up, she's stressed out and irritable and I know why. She's getting in menopause and it's normal so I just try to don't take her that serious because I know she's outta control.

               Gabs has a friend named Garr (to you all) and he loves her. The best is that she loves him too. Okay , so everything is good until now. But she's very shy, like me, and even thought he knows how she feels about him, she don't want to be with him at school so she just talk with him via twitter.
               (Oh, and he's hot like her. Their kids would be so super hot.)

               Seeing her happy about him remember me how alone forever I am and also remember me of Igor.
               I meet him online two years ago and stop talking to him 1 year ago. We dated for 4 months and he was kind of my first/summer love. But now I'm discovering that maybe the "he" doesn't exist, and that "his sister" is who planned and did all of this... I stopped searching for more. I don't care.

                                             Calories from food = 1 512 cal
                                             Workout = 159 cal

                                             Total = 1 353 cal

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day with Dad & Shopping (not for me lol)

               I finally got time to came here and it's 7:45pm.

               I left home at 11:30am and had lunch with my father's family. I didn't liked it, as usual, because their way of life is quite ... tavern-keeper ? I don't know but they are different from me and I feel uncomfortable there.

               After lunch we went shopping and you must be thinking: oh, that's what you wanted. Hm, nop. I wanted to go shopping to me, and the only thing that I bought today was a touch pen. 
               My dad bought my sister a bike, a notebook, a pencil, etc but nothing to me. But the next time, I will buy what I want, I promise myself.

               Well... Don't have many things to tell you. Just that I think. 
               I'm running out of subject to my daily vlogs and that's making me a bit worried.


               I ate to much at lunch and felt bad about it so I ate less than usual at lunch and at the middle of the afternoon and did more work out than usual so lets see how it went. 

               Not bad. Not bad at all.

                              Calories = 1 243 cal
                              Workout = 180 cal

                              Total = 1 063 cal

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back & Busy

                              I'm back guys !

               I'm sorry I didn't blogged for ... 1 , 2 days ? I lost the count. But whatever, I'm back. The calm and normality of the days stopped for a few hours and I just had a emotional and nervous breakout. 

               Can you guess what I need ? The new closet that my dad promised, and go shopping. My wishlist is the biggest. I need shopping ):
               And I need my first follower. I'm so excited for that, everyday I hope that day is the day when I finally get my 1st follower.

               Moving on, Thursday and Friday were very busy days and today it's Saturday but it's busy too even thought I already watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and two movies : Women and The Hunger Games (for the 5th time)

               I don't know if anyone is going to understand me but I was pretty busy everyday but I didn't feel like I did anything helpful. Uggh

               My mom just came in and told me that I pass to much time in my Ipod touch, phone and computer and I don't know but I started crying when she left. I struggle to be with her the most that I can but it's hard to do everything, school, mom, sister, home and now that I try to save a little time to me with this blog, she just says that I'm obsessed with the internet and stuff like that. I really can't understand her. I just want to enjoy myself and try to be happy. I do a lot of school work in the computer too. Why can't she understand that it's not just to fun ? But if it was, I don't get why that's wrong. My sister does the same and worst because she doesn't have school work to do
Whatever, I'm tired for always do something wrong. I love my mom and everything that she says gets me to emotional. I think she doesn't understand that.
               I really like and enjoy to come here at the end of the day and say everything that I can't say to people and I doesn't want to stop.

               I think will just wash my face, put my pijama on and read a little to calm down. But I don't know waht to do : go to the living room where my mom is and read there, with music 'cause I can read with the sound of the tv or stay in my bedroom and read here, alone ? 
               I guess my mom will remonstrate ayway

                            Calories (total of the day) = 1 211 cal

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tiring Day, New Teachers & Sin For Lunch


               I'm so so tired. I don't know h ow, because today I had no classes but I'm even more tired than usual. I just want to lay down and stay there for hours but I can't.

              So we visited the others courses classes to "help us to make a responsible decision about the course that we wanna go for". I'm even more confused that I was before. Fortunately , I have a session with the psychologist in a week or so.

              Then we went to that play about sex and it was really really funny. I laughed a lot and had fun. And I burned some calories in the walk between school and theater.

              As I had told you about, me and my friends had lunch out of school and there's salads besides of fast-food and I was planing to eat one but I could. I was the only one doing that ! Instead I ate a  plate of sausages and fried egg. And to make up that , I didn't eat anything more during the day besides a little of Gabs' chocolate crepe and I think that's what's making me tired but I'm not hungry so ... I'll wait for dinner.

              Well, I'm gonna help my mom doing it right now. I'm not working out today, I don't think I can so I'll write about my new teacher later.

                            (And then I felt asleep and forgot to end this haha. Sorry !)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Maths' Teacher Is Back (temporarily), Fast-Food & Strange Weather

              I'm sorry for not doing the calories summary but I learned my lesson: I'm starting to take note about everything that I eat and do the summary at the end of the day (almost) obligatorily.

              Talking about today, the day, I received and e-mail telling that my books are on their way, and I had a (almost) normal day.

              My maths' teacher has been operated already, now she's doing chemotherapy and because she's in the beginning yet and because we don't have a new teacher and we have exams at the end of the school year, she's going to give us classes this week: today and friday.
              The class with her was really funny and productive. I'm really happy to see that she's okay and she liked our presents and support.

              The weather is kind of strange. It's hot but it's rainy and dark. It's so strange that I showered in the morning but when I was coming home at 1:30pm, I was feeling my hair dirty and oily. Now that I'm at home I'm much better.

I've been doing my school work even thought I don't have much to do and tomorrow I have no classes because it's the open day in school (we get the chances to see how each curse is in the practice) and we are going to see a play about sex. I'm excited for tomorrow, actually.

              I had a break of the diet yesterday but today I'm on that vibe too haha. I think that's because I stopped doing the analysis of calories that I lost the notion of the calories I ingest. I hope I can go to the normal tomorrow.

              Talking about tomorrow and diet, all of my friends invited me to go have lunch with them tomorrow at a place near school that serves fast-food.  I had to say yes because they're all going but I searched and them serve salads too, so that's what I'm going to eat.

              It's 6:30pm, I have half an hour 'till start preparing/helping with the dinner so I have to do my maths' homework, otherwise I'll have to do it tomorrow and I have the feeling that tomorrow I'm gonna get home super tired.


                            Calories = 2 429 cal

                            Workout = 102.92 cal

                            Total = 2 32 6.08 cal

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Decisions, Harry Styles' Nude & Break From The Diet Day


     Hello again

              One more normal day.
              Today I didn't forgot to tell my dad about my books and he just payed it half an hour ago. My books are on their way and I'm quite excited because thinking that I'm not prepared to my exams, even thought that I'm, makes me nervous and I want to do all that I can to have the best mark that I can

              Normal day, normal classes. You know.

              Oh, after my PE class I went to the vending machine to buy some cookies and they got wedged between the window and the shelf so I decided that I should buy the second packing to get the first one. Guess what: only the first came out. Bea bought the third and I finally got my cookies !
              And I ate both. So I decided that today it's the Break From The Diet Day and that I'm gonna start to do the calories summary in the end of every post. I think that's less confusing to all.

              Now it's 5:13pm , I just arrived from shopping and I don't know why but I'm full of warmth. I'm gonna do some school work and the usual. I have kind of a felling that I have more than that to do but I can't remember what. I think I'll just wait 'till I remember anything.

              Oh, I remembered: I have to search for Harry's nude. Even Ed Sheeran talked 'bout that haha


              Also, if this is a decisions day I decided one more thing: when I finally have a follower I'll start doing things beyond daily posts/blogs.

              Yeah, just came here to tell you that 


              I found the nude haha. It's an old one, when he was ... 18 I think but Ed confirmed that he uploaded it himself ! Omg !

              I'm gonna do my workout quickly and then the my skin night routine, and go to bed. (I don't know if I'm gonna be able to post my calories summary of the day today. If not, I'll do it tomorrow.)

See ya tomorrow 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Normal Monday

              Today has been a normal day. It seems like after a storm, all calms down waiting for the next. Yesterday I didn't do much as you know and today it's the same.

              My dad was very normal this morning and I can't believe I forgot to ask him to pay my books again. I can't forget to tell him that tomorrow. Oh, he was doing a huge effort to pay our bills but he bought a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy 4. He's so funny that I haven't told my mom about this because she's gonna get pissed as me. Anyway ...

              Yesterday I fell asleep before the MTV Movie Awards so I'm seeing it now because I had to clean my room so I was seeing it while doing it. 

              I don't have any homework. I think I'm going to continue watching Movie Awards and then see my e-mails, arrange my school things, etc. 

                            Cookies breakfast cereals with milk = 175 + 100 cal

                            Water and salt crackers = 128 cal

                            3 slices of brown bread = 195 cal
                            Grilled turkey steak = 152 cal
                            Rice (5 spoons) = 180 cal
                            Pear = 29 cal

                                                                      Total = 959 cal

              OMG ! I dont't know what's happening with me but today I've been so hungry that I didn't even noticed how much I ate.


                          Yogurt = 113 cal 
                          Wheat bread with cheese = 70 + 9 cal

                          Soup = 100 cal
                          Whitefish and boiled potato with olive oil and vinegar = 97 + 34 + 100 + 3
                          Banana = 89 cal

                          Workout = - 99  cal

                                                                 Total = 1 475 cal

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Quiet Sunday

                            Happy Sunday everybody

              Sorry for not ending the post yesterday but the rest of the night was quite stressful.
              My mom was not better, she continued crying all night and said pretty hurtful things, she was very nervous. Maybe if I was writing this yesterday, I would told you what she said but I'm not because she already apologized and we both know that she didn't mean what she said. Moving on ...

              Today was a normal sunday. I had a long shower and relax time in the morning. I started doing this all sundays and I notice that I'm more calmer after. 

              All normal. School work, shopping, movies, ...

              I don't have anything to tell you and I think this post it's going to be small while yesterday's was really big.

              Today it's MTV Movie Awards at 01:00am and I'm gonna watch it even though I have school tomorrow early. 

              Speaking of school tomorrow I'm gonna have to face my dad and just the thought of it ruin my day already. I've gotta to be brave , I think 

                            1 toast of rye and wheat bread = 72 + 50 cal
                            Cup of milk with barley = 115 + 25 cal

                            1 slice of rye and wheat bread = 72 cal
                            Sandwich of pork with lettuce and mustard = 110 + 123 + 7 + 6 cal
                            Apple = 56 cal

                            Cup of milk with chocolate = 115 + 41 cal
                            Carcass with mountain cheese = 110 + 111 cal

                            Soup = 100 cal
                            1 slice of bread = 72 cal
                            Banana = 89 cal

                                                                                    Total = 1 274 cal