Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Maths' Teacher Is Back (temporarily), Fast-Food & Strange Weather

              I'm sorry for not doing the calories summary but I learned my lesson: I'm starting to take note about everything that I eat and do the summary at the end of the day (almost) obligatorily.

              Talking about today, the day, I received and e-mail telling that my books are on their way, and I had a (almost) normal day.

              My maths' teacher has been operated already, now she's doing chemotherapy and because she's in the beginning yet and because we don't have a new teacher and we have exams at the end of the school year, she's going to give us classes this week: today and friday.
              The class with her was really funny and productive. I'm really happy to see that she's okay and she liked our presents and support.

              The weather is kind of strange. It's hot but it's rainy and dark. It's so strange that I showered in the morning but when I was coming home at 1:30pm, I was feeling my hair dirty and oily. Now that I'm at home I'm much better.

I've been doing my school work even thought I don't have much to do and tomorrow I have no classes because it's the open day in school (we get the chances to see how each curse is in the practice) and we are going to see a play about sex. I'm excited for tomorrow, actually.

              I had a break of the diet yesterday but today I'm on that vibe too haha. I think that's because I stopped doing the analysis of calories that I lost the notion of the calories I ingest. I hope I can go to the normal tomorrow.

              Talking about tomorrow and diet, all of my friends invited me to go have lunch with them tomorrow at a place near school that serves fast-food.  I had to say yes because they're all going but I searched and them serve salads too, so that's what I'm going to eat.

              It's 6:30pm, I have half an hour 'till start preparing/helping with the dinner so I have to do my maths' homework, otherwise I'll have to do it tomorrow and I have the feeling that tomorrow I'm gonna get home super tired.


                            Calories = 2 429 cal

                            Workout = 102.92 cal

                            Total = 2 32 6.08 cal