Monday, 13 April 2015

Normal Monday

              Today has been a normal day. It seems like after a storm, all calms down waiting for the next. Yesterday I didn't do much as you know and today it's the same.

              My dad was very normal this morning and I can't believe I forgot to ask him to pay my books again. I can't forget to tell him that tomorrow. Oh, he was doing a huge effort to pay our bills but he bought a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy 4. He's so funny that I haven't told my mom about this because she's gonna get pissed as me. Anyway ...

              Yesterday I fell asleep before the MTV Movie Awards so I'm seeing it now because I had to clean my room so I was seeing it while doing it. 

              I don't have any homework. I think I'm going to continue watching Movie Awards and then see my e-mails, arrange my school things, etc. 

                            Cookies breakfast cereals with milk = 175 + 100 cal

                            Water and salt crackers = 128 cal

                            3 slices of brown bread = 195 cal
                            Grilled turkey steak = 152 cal
                            Rice (5 spoons) = 180 cal
                            Pear = 29 cal

                                                                      Total = 959 cal

              OMG ! I dont't know what's happening with me but today I've been so hungry that I didn't even noticed how much I ate.


                          Yogurt = 113 cal 
                          Wheat bread with cheese = 70 + 9 cal

                          Soup = 100 cal
                          Whitefish and boiled potato with olive oil and vinegar = 97 + 34 + 100 + 3
                          Banana = 89 cal

                          Workout = - 99  cal

                                                                 Total = 1 475 cal