Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day with Dad & Shopping (not for me lol)

               I finally got time to came here and it's 7:45pm.

               I left home at 11:30am and had lunch with my father's family. I didn't liked it, as usual, because their way of life is quite ... tavern-keeper ? I don't know but they are different from me and I feel uncomfortable there.

               After lunch we went shopping and you must be thinking: oh, that's what you wanted. Hm, nop. I wanted to go shopping to me, and the only thing that I bought today was a touch pen. 
               My dad bought my sister a bike, a notebook, a pencil, etc but nothing to me. But the next time, I will buy what I want, I promise myself.

               Well... Don't have many things to tell you. Just that I think. 
               I'm running out of subject to my daily vlogs and that's making me a bit worried.


               I ate to much at lunch and felt bad about it so I ate less than usual at lunch and at the middle of the afternoon and did more work out than usual so lets see how it went. 

               Not bad. Not bad at all.

                              Calories = 1 243 cal
                              Workout = 180 cal

                              Total = 1 063 cal