Thursday, 23 April 2015

Stoping daily blogs , Brain Lock & Mom's Panic Attack

               I'm sorry for not coming here for .. one , two days ?

               The normality in my life went away and yesterday my mom had a (kind of big) panic attack. It was really scary, my mum was shaking and couldn't breath... I don't remember, I can't.

               This happens to me often. When something really bad happens, I tend to forget it, my brain just wash that away.

               But beyond that, nothing happened. My life stills the same boring thing.

               Yeah, so I'm thinking about stop blogging daily and just blog different and kinda important days.
               And still with 0 followers :(

                                             Calories from food = 1 624 cal
                                             Workout = 0

                                             Total = 1 624 cal