Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Calories and Family

                                Cup of milk with barley – 147 calories
                                Toast - 87 calories

                                Pasta with bolognese sauce – 200 calories
                                5 lettuce leaves – 5 calories
                                Half grated carrot – 19 calories
                               2 slices of white bread – 130 calories
                                Banana – 89 calories

                                                                              Total: 547 cl

                I know it sounds like I’m on diet or something but I’m not. I wish I was. I wish I was strong enough but food is love, food is life. For now, I’m just trying to be conscious about what I eat. Because if I want to be good for summer, I should start like … I’m late. I should only eat about 1 250 calories per day. Only in my breakfast and lunch I already ate 547.
                Maybe I can and should do it … I already do gym almost every day so … It’s not that difficult …. right ?

                I’m on Easter Holiday (I think that’s equivalent to Spring Break) and I’ve been at home all the time. I mean, not all because I’ve gone out with friends, but most of the day, yeah. And that’s other reason why I just created this blog now, because I have more time than usual.
                School is back at 6th April but for sure I’m going to continue writing here. I’m loving the sensation.


                It’s now 5pm and I just ate some snacks.
                               Yogurt – 113 cl
                               Bread (carcass) – 110 cl
                               1 slice of cheese – 75 cl
                               4 gums – 68 cl
                                                                              Total until now: 913 cl

                My mom ended up with all of my hypotheses to start a diet today because she bought gums. A lot of gums. But I controlled myself and just ate four.

                I’m sure you don’t know (‘cause I’ve never said it) but my parents are divorced and I have a sister , she’s 9 years old. (Her 10th birthday is the day after tomorrow). My dad called my saying that someone offered him a mix of things related with Easter and he came here to give me it. It’s full of chocolate eggs, almonds, chocolate almonds, etc.
                I’m sure the world is trying to tell me that I’m never being able to do a diet.

                We usually eat dinner at 8pm and its 7:25pm. Today I’m cooking dinner. I kinda like to cook; I always watch and help my mum in the kitchen. So I’m gonna do it! Talk to you guys later.

                               Soup – 100 cl
                               Salad (potatoes, carrots and tuna + ketchup) – 126 cl + 40 cl
                               3 slices of bread – 193 cl
                               Apple – 56 cl
                                                                              TOTAL of the day: 1 428 cl

                I just ate dinner, it’s 9pm,  and helped in the kitchen and now I’m going to do my 7 minutes workout and my 30 day challenge. I just wanted to do the summary of the calories of the day and wohoo … I should have stayed in less than 1 520. Well, maybe with the workout I’ll find a way.
                See u in a minute (seven, actually)


                I’m a huge fan of One Direction. Since the beginning, yeah. Today the demo of the song that Zayn recorded with Naughty Boy came out. I’m a bit disappointed, I can’t lie. But if he’s happy, I guess I’m too. I love him.

                Well, returning to my “diet”, I burned 102 calories , which means that 1 326 will stay in my body. I can do nothing.
                I think that I’ll stop this blog here cause the only thing that I’m doing till bed is watching TV, reading Divergent (I already watched Insurgent, shh) and try on a dress that my mum bought me. I don’t know why, but she did.

                                                                                                          See y’all tomorrow. Bye!

Monday, 30 March 2015

First Post, My messy life and Indecisions

Hello new friends!

                Welcome to my daily blog! Or should I say “Hello, this is me, please be gentle” ?!
I don’t know. I feel like I shouldn’t welcome you because I’m the one new here, right ? Uff, why am I always full of indecisions? Even the reason why I’m always full of indecisions is an indecision.
                Anyway, my name it’s going to be Miri because I kinda like it and because it has to be with my real name. That’s it. I’m Portuguese and unfortunately I’m only 15.
                My life it’s like a big and fluffy ball of problems, indecisions and bipolarity. Like everybody, I have problems, and I’m trying to learn how to deal with them. This blog is actually a way of mine to deal with my problems.

                And other of my indecisions is: Should I do this in English because everyone will understand or in my maternal (?) language, which is Portuguese ?

 Lots of love,