Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back & Busy

                              I'm back guys !

               I'm sorry I didn't blogged for ... 1 , 2 days ? I lost the count. But whatever, I'm back. The calm and normality of the days stopped for a few hours and I just had a emotional and nervous breakout. 

               Can you guess what I need ? The new closet that my dad promised, and go shopping. My wishlist is the biggest. I need shopping ):
               And I need my first follower. I'm so excited for that, everyday I hope that day is the day when I finally get my 1st follower.

               Moving on, Thursday and Friday were very busy days and today it's Saturday but it's busy too even thought I already watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and two movies : Women and The Hunger Games (for the 5th time)

               I don't know if anyone is going to understand me but I was pretty busy everyday but I didn't feel like I did anything helpful. Uggh

               My mom just came in and told me that I pass to much time in my Ipod touch, phone and computer and I don't know but I started crying when she left. I struggle to be with her the most that I can but it's hard to do everything, school, mom, sister, home and now that I try to save a little time to me with this blog, she just says that I'm obsessed with the internet and stuff like that. I really can't understand her. I just want to enjoy myself and try to be happy. I do a lot of school work in the computer too. Why can't she understand that it's not just to fun ? But if it was, I don't get why that's wrong. My sister does the same and worst because she doesn't have school work to do
Whatever, I'm tired for always do something wrong. I love my mom and everything that she says gets me to emotional. I think she doesn't understand that.
               I really like and enjoy to come here at the end of the day and say everything that I can't say to people and I doesn't want to stop.

               I think will just wash my face, put my pijama on and read a little to calm down. But I don't know waht to do : go to the living room where my mom is and read there, with music 'cause I can read with the sound of the tv or stay in my bedroom and read here, alone ? 
               I guess my mom will remonstrate ayway

                            Calories (total of the day) = 1 211 cal