Tuesday, 7 April 2015

First Day Of School & Parents Meeting

                            Hellooo !

              First day of school and going back to school made me more happy than I expected. I know it's kinda rare, but I like school. Not all because of classes, but because I missed my whole class, my friends, etc. And I like being busy, helps me to not to think about somethings.

              My science teacher sent me homework at 12:45am , do you believe it ? She was operated and she's back after 2 weeks without science classes. I already did it anyway

              As usual my dad came to pick me and my sister up and take us to school. My school it's close to my house but normally I'm not in the mood to walk to school righ in the morning and if he has to pick my sister , he can pick me up too, right ?

              My first class was Portuguese, then PE, Art and finally Geography. I already have one group work to do, I'm doing it with Gabs.

              Today's the parents meeting at my school to know the grades. We already know them anyway so I'm not afraid at all. In a scale of 1-5 and 12 school subjects, I have ten 4's, one 5 and one 3. I'm a medium student, I think.

              Oh gosh , time flies when you're busy , it's almost 4pm

                                          2 slices of easter bread with light butter = 50 + 44 cal
                                          Cup of milk with barley = 147 cal

                                          PE = - 7 cal  - 5 cal (-0.125 cal x 40) - 9 cal

                                          O2 Stuffed biscuits with chocolate = 332 cal

                                          Grilled chicken = 150 cal
                                          Rice (4 spoons) = 144 cal
                                          Lettuce = 4 cal
                                          Banana = 89 cal

                                                                                    Total = 939 cal

              I almost forgot. My mom got my Insurgent !


              I'm now watching a movie called The Good Sister and it's 6pm. It's not a really good movie but it can entertain me. It's about a woman that finds out that has a twin and her husband stars to have an affair with the twin which is a more sexy and vivacious of her.

              At this time I have a tremendous hate of the guy. I hate the kind of guy that cheats and that's one more reason why I hate my dad. I'm sick of him

                             2 slices of easter bread with mountain cheese = 50 + 111 cal
                            Cup of milk = 47 cal

                                                                      Total = 1 147 cal

              I ate too much today. I have to drink a lot of water before dinner.


                                          Soup = 100 cal
                                          Whitefish and boiled potatoes = 97 + 34 cal
                                          Banana = 89 cal
                                          Bread = 66 cal

                                          Workout = - 61.4 cal

                                                                                    Total = 1 475.6 cal

              Again , I didn't ended this post and I'm sorry but it's quite hard for me to conciliate my new routine with the blog.