Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Birthday Sista! , Books and Asthma

                            Hellow !

              Today it's my sister birthday! I love her. I really do, but we fight a lot. I mean, a looooot. More than we have fun together. I'm 15 and she's now 10 but she's so baby. She can't do anything alone and that's makes me nervous and anxious because I want her to be autonomous. It's the best for her but she can't understand. Plus she can not do many things alone, those that can make them very slowly. Uggh, I CAN'T. [inserts Nicole Byer from Girl Code here]

              Changing the subject . . . 
              After lunch, I'm going to the library to get Convergent. I'm always at the end of Divergent and after seeing Insurgent, I'm very excited to read the whole story. It's amazing and I've always loved to read, since age 6. Divergent reminds me of The Hunger Games, am I the only one ? I think not haha

              It's 11:16am and now I'm going to see what are the films that will pass today on TV , if I have something to do today, etc. The usual.


                                                        JUST LOOK AT THIS 

              It's so scary. I'm definitely not going out today. 
There's a fire near where I live and I can't go out today. I have asthma, and I can't breath outside because there's too much smoke. 

                                                  Toast – 87 cal                                                  
                                                 Cup of milk with barley - 147 cal

                                                   Lettuce - 3 cal                                                  
                                                 Chicken - 80 cal                                                 
                                                  Pasta - 79 cal                                                 
                                                 Mango - 144cl                                                 
                                                 Bread - 135 cal                                                                                                                                                                                     Total = 675 cal


              It's now 5:30pm and I'm playing cards with my sister. I'm wining haha.
              An hour and half ago I went to the library and I now have Convergent ! I'm so happy because I'm loving it
I choose by feet and guess what ? I BURNED 329.5 cal !!
              But I snacked right after . . .

                                          Iogurt - 118 cal
                                          Bread - 135 cal
                                          Cheese - 111  cal
                                          Chocolate - 278 cal
                                                                                    Total = 987 cal 


              Some of my aunts and uncles came here to wish my sister a happy birthday and THANKS GOD they didn't talked about my dad or my mom family. It's a long story. Maybe some day I'll write it here. Maybe, because I hate talking about that.

              The rest of the day was funny, kinda. Now Anna is really upset and is transmitting me that. My life is already hard enough for me , I don't need more drama.

                                          Soup - 100 cal
                                          Fish - 97 cal
                                          Potato - 40 cal
                                          Banana - 89 cal
                                          2 and hald slices of bread - 162 cal

                                                                                           Total = 1 475 cal

I know that if I tried hard , I could but my weakness if food. I love chocolate and it's Easter and there's so many delicious things . . .  Oh my
Well, gonna do my workout and read and the usual.

                                                                                                                See you tomorrow
                                                                                                  Kisses stuffed with chocolate,