Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Decisions, Harry Styles' Nude & Break From The Diet Day


     Hello again

              One more normal day.
              Today I didn't forgot to tell my dad about my books and he just payed it half an hour ago. My books are on their way and I'm quite excited because thinking that I'm not prepared to my exams, even thought that I'm, makes me nervous and I want to do all that I can to have the best mark that I can

              Normal day, normal classes. You know.

              Oh, after my PE class I went to the vending machine to buy some cookies and they got wedged between the window and the shelf so I decided that I should buy the second packing to get the first one. Guess what: only the first came out. Bea bought the third and I finally got my cookies !
              And I ate both. So I decided that today it's the Break From The Diet Day and that I'm gonna start to do the calories summary in the end of every post. I think that's less confusing to all.

              Now it's 5:13pm , I just arrived from shopping and I don't know why but I'm full of warmth. I'm gonna do some school work and the usual. I have kind of a felling that I have more than that to do but I can't remember what. I think I'll just wait 'till I remember anything.

              Oh, I remembered: I have to search for Harry's nude. Even Ed Sheeran talked 'bout that haha


              Also, if this is a decisions day I decided one more thing: when I finally have a follower I'll start doing things beyond daily posts/blogs.

              Yeah, just came here to tell you that 


              I found the nude haha. It's an old one, when he was ... 18 I think but Ed confirmed that he uploaded it himself ! Omg !

              I'm gonna do my workout quickly and then the my skin night routine, and go to bed. (I don't know if I'm gonna be able to post my calories summary of the day today. If not, I'll do it tomorrow.)

See ya tomorrow