Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter, Family Problems and Diet Break

                            Happy Easter you guys

              Hope your Easter was better , way better, than mine because mine was the biggest piece of shit. We went to a barbecue at my aunt's house and it was normal, good, until she starts talking about my mom.
              I know it's rare and awkward but my mom doesn't drive. She has got a trauma with driving so she just can't. But it seems that I'm the only one that understand her because the other, including all of my family, judge her. And I'm so sick of hearing them.
We stayed there since 1pm to 5:25pm and I was bored to death, and without wi-fi,  until I start talking to my cousin Sarah.
              Then, finally, my dad told us that we were leaving and I felt so relieved. But of course I wasn't going home. We went to my grandfather's house and I froze. I start feeling the tears in my eyes because I was going to be forced to go and be there and I told you yesterday that I didn't want to.
But i had to , so I came in and kissed my uncle and my grandfather in the cheeks, sick of them, but then I just left with my sister and stayed at the exit telling that I just wanted to go home, that I was not feeling good there. And suddenly everyone came to talk with me and telling me that what they said doesn't have to be with me, just with my mom and that they don't have fault. Why can'd they understand that if they insult and talk shit about my mom is perfectly normal that I don't like them ?!?! I hate them so much , I hate them with all I have. And I hate my dad for everything he did and for forcing me to do things that I don't want to.

              Do you understand now why I don't want to be just 15 ? I want to be 20 like my cousin and have my own life and money and house and everything, without being  forced to do thing that I don't want to do.

              I think the best for me now it's just to forget all of this and talk about other things , see new things and distract me from everything. It's 8pm and my sister is undressing herself since half and hour ago and i just screamed at her. I told her that she is too slow and you know what she told me ? "You're lying, it's not 8pm". Yeah, sure. What would I win with that ?? Uggh , she knows how I'm feeling but it seems like she likes to annoy me.

              My head hurts. I'm going to have dinner and then I'll talk to you guys a little more. Bye


              I'm back and I'm much better. I'm calmer.
              I'm now going to make the list of my calories and please don't get scared ! It's Easter and I kinda forgot my diet , I just ate like i used to eat one year ago.

                            Bread (carcass) w/ mountain cheese = 110 cal + 111 cal 
                            Cup of milk w/ barley = 147 cal

                            Fresh sausage and lettuce sandwich = 85 cal + 1 cal + 85 cal
                            Appetizers = 116 cal 
                            Chips = 267 cal
                            Chocolate = 500 cal
                            Cod Cake = 127 cal

                            Soup = 100 cal
                            5 slices of white bread = 330 cal

                                                                                    Total = 1 978 cal 

              Tomorrow I'm going to do an enhanced walk and I hope that the library is open because I really wanna get Insurgent before classes, even knowing that tomorrow it's the last day of spring break.
              I'm going to see So You Think You Can Dance and some youtube videos before going to bed.

See u tomorrow as always, love ya