Monday, 30 March 2015

First Post, My messy life and Indecisions

Hello new friends!

                Welcome to my daily blog! Or should I say “Hello, this is me, please be gentle” ?!
I don’t know. I feel like I shouldn’t welcome you because I’m the one new here, right ? Uff, why am I always full of indecisions? Even the reason why I’m always full of indecisions is an indecision.
                Anyway, my name it’s going to be Miri because I kinda like it and because it has to be with my real name. That’s it. I’m Portuguese and unfortunately I’m only 15.
                My life it’s like a big and fluffy ball of problems, indecisions and bipolarity. Like everybody, I have problems, and I’m trying to learn how to deal with them. This blog is actually a way of mine to deal with my problems.

                And other of my indecisions is: Should I do this in English because everyone will understand or in my maternal (?) language, which is Portuguese ?

 Lots of love,